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"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

William Arthur Ward

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step."

An ancient Chinese proverb


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Astar Tuition for A star results

AStar Tuition is a Singapore-based registered tuition agency. We understand the importance of academic performance in Singaporeand believe that all children can improve upon meeting the right tutor whom will guide them on the path to success.


We have a strong database of carefully selected tutors to ensure that our students receive the greatest opportunities to maximise their full potentials. Our dedicated tutors are able to render aid not only academically but also assist in the students' emotional development so that students can be in the optimum state to perform their best in their academics.


Here at Astar, we recognize that education is not just about academics. Besides providing tutors for academic subjects, we have teachers for other areas as well.


Language - German, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese etc

Sports - Tennis, yoga, swimming etc

Musical Instruments - Guitar, piano, drums etc

Why is private tuition superior to other methods of learning?

  • One to one personalized attention. You cant get that in school or tuition groups!
  • Flexible learning hours with ability to reschedule classes to fit your own lifestyle.
  • The same teacher all the time. This allows the tutor to adapt to and match your learning habits.

    HP: 91828667
    Business Registration No: 53092123E
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    Check out our rates for Part-time tutors, Full-time tutors and School teachers.

    Primary 1-3 Secondary 1-2 JC 1
    $20-23 $25-30 $35-40
    Primary 4-6 Secondary 3-4 JC 2
    $20-25 $30-35 $40-45

    featured tutor

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    Name : Tan Sixuan
    Age : 27
    Qualification : GCE 'A' Levels
    Experience : 0 yrs
    I am a : Part-time Tutor
    Preferred Location(s) : Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang
    Teaching Subject(s) :
    Lower Primary: Chinese, English
    Upper Primary: Chinese, English
    Lower Secondary: Chinese, Math
    Upper Secondary: -
    JC/Pre-U: -
    Languages: -
    Music: -
    Sports: -
    About Me :
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    For any interested tutors/teachers please contact us through any of the following details:
    HP : 91828667
    Email : /
    Reference Code: AST445
    Level: P6 English
    Location: Chestnut Drive
    Gender: Female
    Race: Chinese
    Subjects: English
    Fees: 30/hr
    Frequency: Once/week
    Duration per lessons(hrs): 2hrs
    Schedule preference: Tues 3pm
    Date of commencement: ASAP
    Other Remarks: -
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